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Join the MVPSF in helping to provide the Mountain View Fire and Police Departments with the Diamond Performance Framework, and the continuous improvement techniques used by the world famous United States Navy Blue Angels!

Our goal is to raise the funds to cover the expenses for a joint training program for the leadership and staff of the Mountain View Police and Fire departments.

Delivering police and fire services comes with inherent risks. The safety of the community and first responders demands that public safety professionals embrace a willingness to improve performance through training and real world experiences, and apply lessons learned to foster a culture of continuous improvement. Sustaining this culture and exemplifying a professional approach to debriefing performance is a mandate for those serving in public safety, but applying an effective and consistent methodology can be challenging when met with the demands of providing service with limited resources.

Overcoming this challenge requires a credible, evidence-based approach. One such approach is the proven techniques for continuous improvement used by the United States Navy’s Blue Angels, and the Diamond Performance Framework that is taught by experts with unmatched experience in leadership and high performance. The Mountain View Police and Fire departments are seeking to bring this training to the men and women who serve the Mountain View community, and to provide the tools for the departments’ leadership staff to sustain a culture of continuous improvement; adopting the best practices to ensure the professional development of first responders and minimizing the risks inherent with the services they provide.
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The Mountain View Public Safety Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All gifts are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.
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