Bill Crawford

Bill Crawford

Officer Crawford was as solid as they come. They sure don’t make them like him anymore…

Bryan w.

Four years ago this summer, we lost one of the most iconic members of the Mountain View Police Department ever to pin on a badge, but Bill Crawford’s long career in Law Enforcement almost didn’t happen. He had joined the Order of Holy Cross as a Brother, the male equivalent of a nun, and was assigned to Saint Francis High School. There, he taught Religion, Band, and drove the Saint Francis school bus. In this capacity, he got to know several MVPD officers, and they encouraged him to join the Police Reserves, which he did. He continued his full-time work at Saint Francis, but when his father fell ill, Bill realized he would need more than a Brother’s pittance to pay for his care, and he joined the regular Police Department in 1969.

He was a great man. There for me at a pretty tough time in my life…

Dave C

“Brother Bill” did his obligatory stint in patrol, but quickly gravitated to what is now known as the Youth Services Unit, where he quickly became known for his compassionate approach to police work. For thousands and thousands of teenagers, he was the face of the MVPD. He mentored, he counseled, he guided and sometimes he just listened, but he was always fair and always true to the vows he took, both as a police officer and a Catholic brother. And kids instinctively knew it was just wrong to try to put one over on Brother Bill.

One of the greatest human beings I’ve ever had the chance to meet…

Anthony F.

Bill was able to indulge some of his hobbies during his police career. He loved photography, and for decades he served as the department’s official photographer. He loved riding motorcycles, and for many years he rode his own motorcycle to work, then rode a department motor all day as a member of the traffic team. He never lost his love of buses or music either. He drove a tour bus on his days off and he played his trumpet in several jazz bands. 

All around great human.  One of a kind for sure…

Rae b.

Bill loved his job and “his” PAL family so much that he worked long past the time he was eligible to retire. When he finally did retire, he kept in touch with many of the students he had mentored over the years, and he took immense pride in the numerous success stories he had had a hand in. His modesty wouldn’t allow him to take credit for all the young lives he got back on track, but those who benefited from his gentle wisdom weren’t shy about giving credit where credit was due. 

Saved my kids from big trouble . RIP  Bill…

David K

“Brother Bill” Crawford truly made Mountain View a better place and is frequently and fondly remembered by thousands of people.