At Mountain View Public Safety Foundation, we work to meet the needs of our local police and fire departments as well as our community and support programs for at-risk youth. You can help! Our goal is to collectively serve our communities through partnerships in order to make them better, safer places to work and live.

While we are actively striving to meet these needs, we need your help to make our efforts go even further. It is your generosity and belief in our mission that enables us to perform this work, and we are deeply grateful for your partnership. Your valuable gift is helping us provide public safety needs, programs, training and equipment to our police and fire departments.

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Planned Giving

Mountain View Public Safety Foundation Planned Giving programs can help you realize your philanthropic goals while securing your financial future and the future welfare of Mountain View’s fire and police officers. Through charitable remainder trusts, bequests, endowments and other planned gifts, you can achieve your tax and estate planning objectives while ensuring that Mountain View continues to be a safe and thriving community.

Donor-Advised Funds

Donor-Advised Funds (or DAF) provides a flexible way for donors to pass money through to the charity of their choice. Donors can set up a DAF through a sponsoring organization or charitable giving vehicle. A donating individual or organization has the option to open an account in the DAF fund and deposits cash, securities, or other financial instruments. The DAF is then administered by the public charity and manages charitable donations on behalf of the organization, family, or individuals.

Charitable Remainder Trust

A charitable remainder trust is a great way to make a significant gift to MVPSF while receiving a fixed income for a period of time and avoiding tax on capital gains. If you have highly appreciated securities or real estate, a charitable remainder trust enables you to avoid tax on the long term capital gain when the property is contributed and sold in the trust. A lifetime fixed-rate is set out in the trust, often higher than what the property was earning when you owned it. Because the property transferred will be used for charitable purposes in the future, you may also claim a portion of the value of the contributed property as a current income tax charitable deduction. In addition, you have now removed the property from your estate so there will be no estate taxes. At the end of the trust period, the amount that remains in the trust passes to the Mountain View Public Safety Foundation.

Bequests and Life Insurance

After providing for your loved ones, a valued way of providing for Israel’s soldiers is to leave a bequest to MVPSF in your will or through your revocable living trust to MVPSF. Your bequest may be in a specific dollar amount or may be stated as a percentage of your estate or trust property. Please see our recommended bequest language(below) to be used in your will when considering a gift to MVPSF.

You may also elect to make a gift of a policy of insurance on your life to MVPSF to provide for Mountain View’s public safety officers in the future. You may transfer the ownership of the policy to MVPSF and obtain a current income tax charitable deduction for the cash surrender value.

“I give and bequeath unto MOUNTAIN VIEW PUBLIC SAFETY FOUNDATION, whose principal office is located at 650 Castro Street, Suite 120-379, Mountain View, CA 94041, and whose federal employer identification number is 47-1030635, [the sum of $______] OR [___% of my residuary estate] to be used by it for its charitable purposes.”

Endowment Funds

You can make a lasting impact on the lives of Mountain View’s public safety officers by establishing an endowment fund. Such a fund will enable the MVPSF to support public safety in Mountain View for many years to come. You can establish an endowment fund with the MVPSF for a specific program or purpose or a perpetual endowment fund, the income from which can be used to fund general charitable activities or support a specific MVPSF program.

These funds may be named for you and/or your family and are a significant means whereby individuals can make a lasting impact in partnership with the MVPSF on the lives of Mountain View’s public safety officers the MVPSF can offer suggestions as to how your endowment fund can ensure the continuity of one or more programs that support public safety in Mountain View.

Mountain View Public Safety Foundation (MVPSF) is a charitable organization as described in 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code; EIN#: 47-1030635. In accordance with the IRS guidelines, MVPSF maintains discretion and sole control over the use of all donated funds. All donations are non-refundable. In practice, MVPSF honors the giving preferences for any of our previously approved programs and projects whenever possible. In rare cases, when that is not possible, gifts will be used where needed. Therefore, donors explicitly release MVPSF from any restrictions on how those funds are spent. No goods or services were provided in return for any contribution.