One of MVPSF’s goals is to provide affordable public safety training programs including officer safety, wellness, skills development, leadership and continuing education. We factor in the current demands and partner with leading organizations to assist in the development and instruction of high-quality training.

More and more each year, there is a vital need to focus on first responder’s health and wellness as it also affects the individual’s performance and safety. It is important for public safety professionals to be physically and mentally well, to perform, survive, and be resilient in the face of the demanding duties of the profession.

Sep 7 2023

Re-Discover Your Why

Building a stronger and more resilient YOU! featuring Breaking Barriers United LLC. Founder Ryan Tillman and Why’d You Stop Me?…Continue reading “Re-Discover Your Why”
May 4 2023

A Leap Not Taken

MVPSF continues to hear the need from first responders for more mental health support and training. We have brought a dynamic duo, Sergeant Kevin Briggs and Kevin Berthia, a suicide survivor to speak to you. This mental health seminar will tell their story on how they met in March 2005 on the Golden Gate Bridge and how Sgt. Kevin Briggs saved Kevin Berthia’s life. They will discuss everything from: Crisis communication, Suicide prevention and postvention, compassion fatigue and the impact your role as a first responder has on your own mental health. What you do as a first responder can take its toll. Learn ways to identify and address YOUR own needs after your amazing day to day role.
Sep 23 2022

Stay Resilient: The importance of a survival mindset

MVPSF brings together two courageous and powerful speakers. First, Officer Anne Marie Carrizales, a highly sought-after National Police Instructor and Public Speaker with 17 years of law enforcement experience. Officer Carrizales delivers a raw and powerful presentation designed to challenge the stigma of PTSD and America’s peacekeepers. Second, Retired Sergeant Michael Sugrue, an author of the best-selling book, “Relentless Courage: Winning the battle against frontline trauma”. Michael served in the Air Force, has extensive law enforcement background and was awarded the Walnut Creek PD distinguished service medal in 2014 for his heroic actions during a fatal officer involved shooting in 2012. Hear first-hand from both guest speakers on the survival before, during and after a critical incident. How to better understand the post-traumatic stress, how it attacks and its effects. You don’t want to miss this training seminar.
Feb 27 2020

Firearms Intermediate

The Mountain View Public Safety Foundation (MVPSF) has partnered with DL Gunsmith and Silicon Valley Firearms to offer comprehensive training…Continue reading “Firearms Intermediate”
Jan 24 2020

Simon Sinek

On January 24th 2020, MVPSF sponsored 22 public safety professionals from the Mountain View Police and Fire Departments as well…Continue reading “Simon Sinek”
Oct 24 2019

Firearms Intermediate

The Mountain View Public Safety Foundation (MVPSF) has partnered with DL Gunsmith and Silicon Valley Firearms to offer comprehensive training…Continue reading “Firearms Intermediate”
Mar 26 2019

Israeli Police Presentation Nor Cal Shomrim

Mountain View Public Safety Foundation (MVPSF) has partnered with Nor Cal Shomrim and HIDTA for this unique training opportunity providing…Continue reading “Israeli Police Presentation Nor Cal Shomrim”
Jan 5 2019

Emotional Survival for Law Enforcement & First Responders

Learn the short and long-term effects of law enforcement and first responders on both personal and professional aspects of their…Continue reading “Emotional Survival for Law Enforcement & First Responders”
Dec 19 2017

Leadership by Col. Danny McKnight

Learn Leadership skills by Colonel Danny R. McKnight, USA Ranger Commander (Ret.), and author of “Streets of Mogadishu – Leadership…Continue reading “Leadership by Col. Danny McKnight”
Oct 14 2017


MVPSF is proud to partner with Faith.Wife.Hero and sponsor their Peace officer Wives Conference Saturday, October 14, 2017.  Over 100…Continue reading “Faith.Wife.Hero”
Nov 7 2016

R.A.D. Instructor Training

On November 7 – 9, 2016 MVPSF sponsored a two-day R.A.D. instructor training in partnership with Mountain View Police Department.…Continue reading “R.A.D. Instructor Training”