Senior Care

The Mountain View Public Safety Foundation (MVPSF) sponsors a Senior Care Program to assist senior members of the community and others that may be in need of repairs to their residence.  With the help of volunteers and grant funding, MVPSF will assist those in need who cannot otherwise perform certain household tasks because they have physical constraints or lack the financial resources to hire someone to do the work.

Examples of Help and Repairs are:

  • Wash windows
  • Change furnace filters
  • Change light bulbs
  • Replace smoke detectors/carbon monoxide detectors and/or batteries
  • Remove trip hazards
  • Clean areas affected by collective behavior
  • Light cleaning, vacuuming
  • Move furniture and household items
  • Painting
  • Yard maintenance: rake leaves, trim hedges, weed and brush control
  • Flip a mattress
  • Video and audio hookups
  • Facilitation of carpet removal
  • Install grab bars and other items for disabled

While canvassing over the weekend, I met a resident living in the Moffett mobile home community. She had emailed me a couple of months ago expressing concern that the City had stopped funding Rebuilding Together, which provides small household repairs for low-income people. She told me that she was able to get in touch with Bruce Barsi, and through the Mountain View Public Safety Foundation, get the repairs she was needing. Just wanted to share a quick thank you for the fantastic work you do for our community!!– Mountain View Mayor Lucas Ramirez

MVPSF promotes safety in the home and assistance to the elderly. The Senior Care program can help seniors and the home-bound maintain their independence and stay in their homes longer. Repairs are made by volunteers without cost to the resident. 

This program is for residents of Mountain View and the immediate surrounding community.