Emotional Survival for First Responders

A first responder’s day-to-day life is stressful. The pandemic further compounded the mental health challenges felt by public safety professionals. Add to that, being thrust into traumatic situations, the job can become unbearable. This free course provides help. It aims to aid attendees to learn the short-and-long-term effects of the job on their professional and personal lives. It also reviews the impact on the children of first responders, examining, in particular, its influence on their school performance and personal health. 

Most importantly, the in-person course helps participants develop strategies for overall emotional survival. Learn to know yourself, acknowledge your needs, and accept a helping hand when it’s needed.All public safety professionals are invited, and we encourage them to invite their family as we educate, inspire and interact as a law enforcement and first responder community. 

Event details

Jul 8 2022

Date & time

Friday, July 8th 2022