MVPSF Response to COVID-19

Mountain View, Calif. (April 7, 2020) —As our community responds to the COVID-19 outbreak, Mountain View Public Safety Foundation remains committed to supporting our public safety and our community.

As the crisis continues, we expect to see an increase in need as our first responders will be stretched and community members will experience significant challenges. During this time, MVPSF will be providing the following support:

Cops & Gobblers

The Cops & Gobblers program is responding to the crisis by providing $50 Safeway gift cards for families in need. We will be making an initial purchase of (600) $50 Safeway gift cards which we will distribute through; Community Services Agency, Police and Fire Departments and other community organizations.

As the crisis continues and needs increase, we will campaign for community support. We hope to provide additional gift cards for families in need.

First Responder’s Benevolent Fund

MVPSF has created a First Responder’s Benevolent Fund to provide support for local first responders and their families who are affected by COVID-19. Although we are initiating this fund as we face the current COVID-19 crisis, the intention is that it will continue to be available going forward to provide help to our first responders during times of need.

The Fund is set up to also include support in times of natural disaster, state of emergency, global pandemic, illness or other tragedy.

We know many of our first responders are working long hours away from their homes and families during these uncertain times, often putting their health and well-being on the line.

They work tirelessly to keep our community safe, and MVPSF wants to do our part to care for our first responders.  Through the First Responder’s Benevolent Fund, MVPSF will be offering support for local first responders and their families as needs arise.

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