Announcing Amber Wilson as NEW Executive Director

On June 1, 2021 the Mountain View Public Safety Foundation (MVPSF) board of directors hired a new Executive Director, Amber Wilson. Amber was a long-time Mountain View resident with her husband and two young children. Her outstanding energy and enthusiasm has been a staple in the Mountain View community, volunteering with several community outreach programs over the past 15 years.

Amber worked in records for the Mountain View Police Department for 13 years and was also a Court Liaison. She is known for her ongoing volunteer service in community outreach programs like PAL mentoring, Cops & Gobblers annual Thanksgiving food drive, Mountain view POA, Cops that Care, the She Can event, Thursday Night Live, serving on committees, and also volunteering at her children’s schools are just a handful of contributions.

Amber Wilson, Executive Director

“The focus throughout my career has always been to serve and make a difference in the community. It is a real honor to be able to continue to do just that, as I start this new role as the Executive Director for Mountain View Public Safety Foundation.”

Amber Wilson, incoming MVPSF Executive Director

Amber has been involved with the Mountain View Public Safety Foundation since its inception in 2014. “Amber is a hard worker, motivated, and organized. Her selfless commitment to several volunteer opportunities are just a few courageous contributions that have led to successful outcomes. Amber makes favorable impressions and quickly gains acceptance by others by her positive, friendly, and relaxed attitude.” – Pete DelaOssa, MVPSF Founder “Amber Wilson brings outstanding energy and generosity to the Mountain View Community.

As one of the Founders with the Mountain View Public Safety Foundation, she has championed the growth and success of the organization since its inception. As one of the Coordinators for Cops and Gobblers for more than 15 years, she has secured the success of the program to provide more than 400 food baskets for the less fortunate at Thanksgiving and more that 2,000 grocery food gift cards to families during the pandemic.” – Bruce Barsi, MVPSF Board Member.

Amber will succeed Joy Garza, the first Executive Director for MVPSF appointed January 2019 who has taken a new position in Los Altos.

“We are thrilled Amber is stepping into this role of leadership. She is a trusted friend, community volunteer and has been an active Board member with Mountain View Public Safety Foundation. Amber brings fresh ideas, insights, and experience to MVPSF. I am excited to stay on with MVPSF as a volunteer board member and will continue to serve and help Amber and the team where I can. We are excited about what the future holds with our growing MVPSF team!

Joy Garza, MVPSF outgoing Executive Director