MVPSF receives largest donation in organization’s history

Mountain View, Calif. (October 2, 2017) — Thanks to the generosity of estate managers for long-time Mountain View resident Elizabeth Ruth Wallace, the Mountain View Public Safety Foundation has received its largest-ever donation – $250,000 to support and enhance public safety education in Mountain View.

“We are grateful and excited that a long-time Mountain View family recognizes the importance of what we do for first responders,” said MVPSF co-founder and board member Tony Siress. “This generous donation will have a positive impact on public safety in Mountain View.”

Elizabeth Wallace died in her Mountain View home in December 2016 at age 92. She and her husband Bryan came to Mountain View in the 1950s and operated Bryan’s Drug on El Monte Avenue and Marich Way from 1954 until 1974. Bette, as she was known, then opened a travel business, enabling her to travel the world until her retirement in the late 1990s. (Read more about Elizabeth Wallace “Aunt Bette”)

“We wanted to keep Aunt Bette’s memory alive in the community she loved,” said Wallace’s niece and estate trustee, Cheri Ryan. Following discussions with MVPSF President Pete DelaOssa and a review of the organization’s goals and needs, Ryan agreed to the generous donation, stating she sees a need for a full-time staffer to manage the affairs of the all-volunteer organization. “My intention is that this donation will make a difference in the lives of all Mountain View residents,” she added.

DelaOssa, who was acquainted with the Wallace family during his time as a Mountain View police officer, said some of the funds might also be used for scholarships and grants in Elizabeth’s name. 

“The Wallace family donation marks a historic step forward for MVPSF,” Tony Siress said. “Hiring an Executive Director will enhance our professionalism and service quality. It is something we have wanted to do since we launched the Foundation in 2014.”

“The Mountain View Fire Department is very appreciative for this generous donation to the MVPS Foundation. We look forward to the opportunities this donation will provide in enhancing public safety in Mountain View.” Said Mountain View Fire Chief, Juan Diaz 

“It is with gratitude that I acknowledge the work of the Mountain View Public Safety Foundation and the generous gift from Mrs. Elizabeth Wallace’s trust.  The Foundation has made a positive impact on the Police Department’s services to the Mountain View community, and we look forward to continuing our partnership to do even more.” Said Mountain View Police Chief, Max Bosel

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