MVFD participates in multi-cancer early detection testing

For five days in March 2023, using the technology and services from Galleri, Mountain View Firefighters tested for early cancer. Over 270 members of the fire service received their results within weeks of their initial testing.

Cancer is the leading cause of death among active and retired firefighters. In March 2023, the City of Mountain View Fire Department in partnership with Mountain View Public Safety Foundation funding and Galleri, tested its members and 273 members of the fire service.

MVFD early multi-cancer testing

Members from Palo Alto, Santa Clara City, Santa Clara County Fire, Gilroy, San José, Davis FD, Santa Cruz, Monterey, NASA Fire, Sunnyvale and Milpitas participated in the multi-cancer early detection test designed to detect more than 50 types of cancer through one simple blood draw.

Thank you to Kim Cheung and Mary-Kathryn Tantum from Galleri GRAIL for all of their work during the long week to keep the Firefighters and Retired Firefighters safer through early detection of cancer. For more information contact:

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